Our Curriculum - Prep Curriculum

Our Goals for the Prep Program

  • Increase self-confidence and independence
  • Enhance self-esteem and continue to develop emotional and social competence
  • Encourage a positive and curious attitude to learning through investigation and exploration
  • To enhance oral language and develop foundational concepts and skills in English, Mathematics, History and Science
  • To experience the routines associated with school life

The Prep Curriculum

The prep program is a full-time, full-day program. From 2016, attendance at Prep was legislated as the first year of compulsory schooling in Queensland.

The Prep program at St Anthony’s aims to provide educational experiences for children based on Queensland’s Early Years Curriculum and phase one subjects from the Australian Curriculum. These documents inform the key components of the Prep curriculum.

Students will be taught foundational concepts and skills in English, mathematics, history and science and will continue to learn and develop the important socialising and communicating skills which include problem solving, investigating, participating, negotiating and reflecting.

Religious Education in Prep

The Religion Curriculum is based on active learning, which includes real-life situations, experiences, wondering and play.

Children in the Prep Year level develop their understanding about God and life by developing an attitude of awe and wonder about God as creator, by making links between their life experiences and Jesus’ story and developing an awareness of belonging to a group.

Children develop a familiarity with and appreciation of prayers by participating in traditional and informal celebrations that develop positive understandings of a relationship with God.

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