Our Students - Anti-Bullying

We believe at St Anthony’s that a culture of wellbeing cannot be fostered in an environment where violence and bullying is ignored or condoned. We want to create a caring and nurturing school by creating a safe environment for children and young people.

A Whole School Approach

  • All staff share responsibility
  • All staff understand the dynamics of violence and bullying - power, control, silence, fear, hurt and intimidation
  • Staff have agreed definitions of violence and bullying
  • Staff respond to violence/bullying from a position of support, care and nurture
  • Children are supported to break the silence about violence, bullying and abuse.
  • Children are supported to change their behaviour
  • At our school violence/bullying is not tolerated
  • Students, parents and staff are informed about policy, language and tools

Break the Silence – Talk about Violence and Bullying

Children will name bullying and violent behaviour if they have trusted, reliable adults who will support them and take action.

Role of School Staff

  • Be proactive and act on things they have heard or think might be happening
  • Draw the children affected by the behaviour together and create a safe space for them to talk about it
  • Support children to talk about the effect of bullying on them
  • Follow through, be reliable and consistent in their response
  • Follow through with the consequences for the bully

Engaging the Peer Group- Power in Groups

A bully’s power relies on their ability to silence victims and bystanders, their power is reduced when these groups speak out and support each other and seek assistance to stop the bullying behaviour.

  • Behaviours are learned in groups and need to be unlearned in groups
  • All players, including bystanders, share responsibility for challenging and changing the behaviours of the group
  • Everyone shares responsibility for safety (emotional and physical) in the group
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